Purity Within

It is the¬†purity of a seed that gives fragrance to its life The simple fact that it exists is suffice What more is necessary? It's growth and transformation happens effortlessly As with all living matter So why then do we humans persist to struggle & scatter All our energy in trying to be extraordinary? We... Continue Reading →


As You whisper into my ear All other noise fades away It's just You & I, Let me hear everything You have come to say But You are not speaking words You are entering my inner world With Your presence Filling my heart with a familiar essence And I begin to see all with a... Continue Reading →

Space to Seek: Top 12 Podcasts

Earlier this year I discovered the world of podcasts and found them to be very productive and inducing. I often listen to them during those extended moments or gaps between adulting tasks. Here are my top 12 current favourite podcasts (in no particular order of preference), in case you're interested in the same type of... Continue Reading →

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