They taught me to be thankful
But are they thankful themselves?
Wasting money on things that are not needed, they only think about their self
Avoiding the reality of life as if it were not to exist
Children dying of hunger while we’re checking off our wish list

They taught me my manners, how to behave in society
Always say my “please” and “thank you’s” and when necessary, say “sorry”
But these words are useless because our intentions say a different story
When we don’t mean what we say, then are we just saying it to feel the glory?

They taught me to dream
Told me that if I believe then I can achieve
I have the freedom to become anything I want to be
But if my dream does not meet their criteria, then it is seen as oblivious
I’m not dreaming of affording a car or owning big riches

They taught me to have self-confidence
Told me that everyone is equal and I should never feel oppressed
I should stand up for who I am and never let my thoughts get suppressed
But now these same people are getting obsessed
Trying to condemn my actions, trying to silence my protest
Because what I stand for now is beyond their visual cortex

Change is unaccepted and yet they have taught me that change is possible
So why are my actions now being labelled as illogical?
What am I doing that is so wrong?
I’m changing the way we live,
Changing the way we’ve been thinking for far too long
There’s nothing wrong with that

I am still following the footsteps of what you have taught me
And yet I feel I am a product of a dying breed
Because everyone has lost their individuality
Nowadays no one knows how to live with modesty
So I’m gonna take a stance and attempt to redefine Loyalty
And if you think you’ve got the courage, then just follow me
I’ll be the voice of your unspoken words, the oxygen to your lungs
And together we’ll fight these [S]trange [O]rders [C]reating [I]nsanity, [E]ndangering [T]he [Y]oung

© Hayat | 2009

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