My Heart’s Desire

I wish I could be the wind and fly with the birds
I’ll have no physical form or entity
If only my identity could not be shown but definitely known by all
Crawl, fall, and stand tall won’t be the cycle of my life
There won’t be a need of having to shine bright
I’ll be able to go wherever I desire
I could play with fire and move the waters along with me
It’s easy, to fulfill my lifelong dreams
And not having to be under pressure by my peers
It won’t be weird; I’ll be hand in hand with Freedom
Giving power to those who need them,
Those who look towards me for capacity
And close their eyes as I run through their body and spirit
I’m near it; close to all the places I’ve longed to travel
Away from the gravel, up roaming in the sky
Not asking why, nor questioning the ways of my life
Because I won’t even have problems to fight
My most favourite thing to do is fly through leaves on a tree
Somehow, it gives a meaning to my existence
As I sense the leaves being nourished from my breeze
If only I was the wind, I’ll bring chaos to the world
And give justice to those who are by all means worth
More than what society gave them
I’ll diminish all the sinners and demons sent by Satan
Bring my level of power to maximum
Make the people suffer and realize what wrong they have done
If only I could be the wind, I’ll let out my most deepest cries
Because I won’t have an organ called a heart to hold it within and let it dry
I’ll be relieved to have the opportunity to be myself inside and out
Without having any doubt, like humans tend to do
It’s true, what’s in the inside is usually different than what shows on a person’s face
It’s a disgrace, how many times people change their ways
But that won’t be a habit of mine
I’ll be able to see life as a different point, as another sign
Time will become extinct, but all this would only be possible if I were the wind.

© Hayat | 2008

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