Inspire Me

Poem was written to this background music:

The light that you emit,
Lights the fire in me
The passion with which you commit,
Ignites the passion in me
The Spirit of who you are
Forces me to realize
That I am who I was meant to be
The love that resonates through you
Finds the love deep within me
Past the darkness, past the insecurity,
Cutting through my fears, and the wounds darkened by memory
For years I’ve been blinded by your image
That I wasn’t able to see your true reflection
You are more than what I expected
More than what I’ve imagined
You are simply You
And you remind me
That I am simply Me

You are the sound of music that tells me I am free
You are the patience in faith, redefining my destiny
You are that tear of joy every time I succeed
So that I won’t forget to appreciate the struggles of my history
You are the voice of confidence,
Of unity
You are the belief
That I am not different from you
And you are not different from me
You are the silence beneath all the noise,
The rays of the Sun,
The coolness of the Sea
You are the natural change from season to season
Whispering powerfully,
That Life Is Worth It;
I should never stop Living

© Hayat | 2012

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