Poem written to this soundtrack: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/better-days. Starts at 00:08.

How was I to know
That You had never left me alone
The silent presence of Your being
Has guided me through everything
For every tear drop
Came from Your ocean of love
Every time I fought
You were the quiet storm giving me comfort
I had no idea You were feeling the depths of my every emotion
I had no idea You were watching every single motion
I thought I was alone…
I thought You left me long ago
But You were always here
You were the one healing my wounds
You knew all the wounds,
All the scars
It was Your light I saw each dawn between the stars
You were the one breathing Life back into me after each exhale
It was You pumping the blood back to my heart each time I wanted to fail
You never gave up
You always supplied love
It was You filtering my vision so that I could only see the positive
It was Your smile that manifested in me each time I had to give
How could it be
Without showing Yourself,
You gave all of Yourself to me
You grabbed my hand and showed my Self to me
You taught me all the life lessons
You taught me penance
And listened silently to all my confessions
With no judgement, no criteria
You knew more about me than I told
You held my hand every time I spoke
And gave more than what I could ever ask for
You knew…
You had always known,
How was I to know
That You were the One I was always looking for
You were the One I was always searching for,
In all the crowds, wherever I went
You were always there
Staring back at me, ready to take us both on this journey
To reach new heights of ecstasy

© Hayat | 2015

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