Ode to the Reality We Witness

Poem written to this soundtrack: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/tomorrow 

The subtlety of my existence
Rests in the Reality of Your presence,
In the Reality You witness
Separate from this world’s illness
My mind is no longer fascinated with that business
No longer attempting to exercise the artificial fitness
While pleasing those who could care less about the reasons behind my grimace
I’m trying to walk on the path of forgiveness
I’m trying to get closer to You
Even then, You’ve known what has always been True,
And somehow that’s been enough to get us through
All the complications, all the mishaps
You saw the sincerity and saved me before I collapsed

Who I am
Is who You meant for me to be
What I aspire in life
Is what You want this world to be
Free from greed, jealousy, and hate
Living with the pure joy that’s humanly innate
Loving each other, being a support system above all else
Looking past our insecurities, giving beyond our selves
Finding the courage to hold a brother’s hand as he struggles with his misdeeds
Building our sisters up, not tearing down their dreams
Why is it so hard to be free?
Why live with cruelty?
Cold hearts and closed minds
Can lead to a world that’s frozen and still
Is that really what we offer with our will?

I’m seeking for stability
Losing hopes of reliability
But then You show me signs of how we can succeed,
How we can exceed our consequences before they even result
You always came at a time I needed Trust,
At a time I start to lose faith in Love
Getting numb sometimes seems inevitable
Letting go of the past sometimes feels regrettable
It’s hard to forgive and impossible to forget
But then You remind me that “impossible” itself begets “I’m possible”

Your lessons of patience
Manages to penetrate through my awareness
And I find myself wrapped around in Your bliss,
Not questioning any further how it came to this
And yet You continue to provide all the explanations
Even in my limitations,
You connect fully with my observations
As I get astonished by the simplicity
Within Your personality
The generosity that flows from Your essence
Reminds me of the weight to Your presence,
And the subtlety of my existence
Rests in the reality You witness,
In the reality We witness…

© Hayat | 2015

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