Space to Seek: New Series, First Post

Space to Seek is a new series to Hayat Soulful! It is basically a space to let out my random rants that are not as structured as the main blog posts. It’s an outlet for expressing personal thoughts and/or debates on human nature in an informal manner. This series will be very broad, ranging in its content that might not make sense but perhaps interesting (and possibly intriguing) to read nevertheless.

This first post is fuelled by my recent seeking to human nature in our modern times. Here goes the rant:

Somewhere in between the midst of our day-to-day pretending and self-reflectory conversations, in between our self-deprived aspirations and hidden insecurities, we send out signals to one another in faint hopes of reaching truth and understanding of a shared reality deep within our inexpressible desires. We try to connect on a shared sense of artificiality. It happens every now and then, and yet so often enough to create a blurred line as to what is real and what is artificial. A void is created in which relations manifest as projections of one’s darkness and incomplete identity. A mirrored reality created in the hopes to be controlled but can only be dominated over. A mirrored reality that glazes an untouched paradigm of simplicity. An attempt to call above our mutual shame and reach something tangible, but spirals back down in the vacuum of what is already known and established. For it is within our insecurities we feel secure. It is in our domination that we seek self-control and mastery. It is in our destruction that we have settled for peace. But somewhere in between this absurd conditioning, we send out signals in faint hopes of reaching truth and understanding.

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