Space to Seek: Leave Your Mark

Space to Seek Series, Second Post.

“And we are put on Earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love.” -William Blake

When one leaves one’s mark on this world, it will never fade away. It will always exist, even if this world ceases to exist. Just like how we see stars in the sky, that used to exist but no longer do… and yet their light, because of time and distance, can still be visible to us. That’s exactly how it is for us too. When we leave our mark on this planet and create change, it will always exist and cause ripples in the cosmic universe that can be seen and felt for eternity. Leaving the mark of love will leave behind even greater ripples because everything was initially created from love.

Majority of us aim to leave behind a mark of greatness, but what is “greatness”? How is “greatness” measured? Is it measured through individual exceptionality or through collective pavings?


Legends are not born for themselves; they’re born for the future generations. As a child, I didn’t care to even find out who were the most successful people in the world and how did they leave their marks. If anything could grab my attention, it was always love – and freedom.


Leave your mark with something that can be felt for eternity. Reach the bounds of limitless.


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