Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen, that’s apart of life
It’s when we acknowledge it that makes the difference
And learn from it as if it were nutrition
We can’t let it be the reason we fall
We need to stand tall and take back the ball
That was originally in our court
Mistakes should be seen as our support
For making us stronger
So we could deal with conflicts longer
Rather than accepting defeat and giving into our minds
We’ve got to become the soul and have faith in time
Have hope that we will one day become mature
And not have to face the same mistake again
Not having to deal with the same pain by then
Because we’ll be on another level
And marvel at the fact that we ever made such a mistake
We need to realize that it’s all innate
We’re not meant to be perfect
But we are given the ability to correct it
Mistakes happen, but so do achievements
It’s all apart of life; dealing with Gods and demons

© Hayat | 2009

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