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In this millennial age when resources are so widely available online to learn various skills from home-making to personal care to professional training and development, it’s interesting to wonder if we are losing something more valuable in the process of learning – are we missing what is hidden between the lines?

For centuries, we have only been able to learn certain skills through other people. Our process of learning always involved a strong aspect of social engagement. However, now with modern technology and the overtaking of the digital age, everything can be learned online. In fact, there are so many people who have made careers through platforms like YouTube where they broadcast tutorials on mastering certain skills. No doubt, learning through this option is more accessible and in most cases also entertaining.

But there’s just something else about learning something like “how to stitch” from your grandmother rather than a random YouTuber…

Of course, there are certain skills such as interview training and other professional development techniques that you cannot learn from within your own network of family and friends, and that’s when turning to the Internet can become a really good idea. But personally, when I find myself in a situation that requires me to know the basics of adulting (and I don’t know my way around it) I’d rather turn to someone actually in my life who has experience.

Who has experience.

Perhaps that is the key to this entire message… It’s the experience that maybe we are missing out on when only learning in an individualistic manner.

Looking back, I would rather be able to say that I learned how to do this and that from those dear to me so that I can also pass it on to my kids in the future and not only take the skill at face value.

What do you prefer?

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