Space to Seek: Top 12 Podcasts

top 12 podcasts

Earlier this year I discovered the world of podcasts and found them to be very productive and inducing. I often listen to them during those extended moments or gaps between adulting tasks. Here are my top 12 current favourite podcasts (in no particular order of preference), in case you’re interested in the same type of subject matters:

1. The Sustainable Living Podcast

Hosted by Marianna West and Jenise Fryatt; they talk about sustainability from a holistic living perspective and not just environmental.

2. Invisibilia

The name is Latin for “invisible things”; broadcasted by NPR – the National Public Radio. This podcast is so interesting! Discusses the invisible forces that drive human behaviour such as our ideas, beliefs, emotions, etc.

3. Ear Hustle

This should probably be number 1 if I did have an order of preference – absolutely amazing! The name stands for eavesdropping in prison slang and is well suited because we are given the opportunity to eavesdrop on life in San Quentin State Prison. This podcast shares stories and experiences of convicts by the prisoners themselves. Once you listen to a single episode, you want to hear more and more!

4. Hidden Brain

Broadcasted by NPR again – the episodes in this podcast discuss the unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour. It’s a good blend between social psychology and storytelling.

5. The Rights Track

Hosted by Professor Todd Landman, a human rights scholar, the podcast discusses various projects and hard scientific evidence for human rights cases. “Aims to get our thinking about human rights on the right track”.

6. The Fridge Light

Broadcasted by CBC and hosted by one of world’s top food writers, Chris Nuttall-Smith. This fairly new podcast takes us on a journey of North American food consumption and cultural meanings, transformations, and “evolution” associated with it. Highly, highly interesting!

7. A Sustainable Mind

Hosted by Marjorie Alexander – taking each podcast episode to interview sustainable-minded individuals who are passionate to create change. This is more from an environmentally sustainable perspective.

8. Invisible City

Hosted by Jennifer Keesmaat and based in Toronto, this podcast talks about urban design and how it effects social life on a micro and macro level.

9. Rough Translation

Broadcasted by NPR once again (they broadcast some pretty epic podcasts FYI). Taking conversational issues and examining them from cultural perspectives. Is our world really as small as we perceive it to be during this age of globalization? Maybe not.

10. Reveal

From the Center for Investigative Reporting, this podcast combines investigative journalism with storytelling to compel higher thinking and calls for action.

11. Strangers

From Story Central, Strangers is all about sharing true stories to connect human experiences of kindness, tragedies, and empathy. The aim is to show that there are no strangers, we can all be connected to each other through our basic human emotions.

12. We Live Here

And finally a podcast keeping it real about race and class! In their own words, the podcast is “an in-depth exploration of how systemic racism impacts people as well as the well-being of our region and beyond.”

Check out 1 or more of these podcasts if you’re on the hunt for something new and feel free to share your personal favourite too!

Peace & Love ♥


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