As You whisper into my ear
All other noise fades away
It’s just You & I,
Let me hear everything You have come to say
But You are not speaking words
You are entering my inner world
With Your presence
Filling my heart with a familiar essence
And I begin to see all with a different perspective
A divine film covers my eyes & the mood is introspective

A fragrance blooms in the air
Only for an instance
Perhaps just a proof of Your compassion & care
Don’t need more signs, I understand entirely
I can almost see Your face
A smile appears quietly
It’s like a river has joined the ocean once again
When my spirit becomes One with You, my Immortal Friend
If only the entire world can experience this
The bliss & purity of the inner abyss
Yoga. the time has come . . . 

© Hayat | 2017


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