LIVING SPACE Cleaning | DIY Solutions | Spring Cleaning Series!

Welcome back to this month's Spring Cleaning Series! In the previous posts I shared some DIY homemade solutions to deep clean the kitchen and the bathroom. Today, I will share toxic-free solutions for your living space! Some of these homemade products were already introduced in the blog but because they also cross-over to cleaning the... Continue Reading →


BATHROOM Cleaning | DIY Solutions | Spring Cleaning Series!

Welcome back to the second post in this month's Spring Cleaning Series! This post focuses on cleaning the bathroom and easy DIY solutions that have become my essentials. Before getting into the process of 'DIYing', I want to mention that the bathroom can be a tricky place to maintain cleanliness using only homemade products. As... Continue Reading →

KITCHEN Cleaning | DIY Products | Spring Cleaning Series!

April has sprung and so has Spring... (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere)... ! While the snow is melting and the flowers are blooming, spring cleaning is probably on everybody's mind. Although I live in the Southern Hemisphere now and "winter" is approaching, I do have a deep cleaning routine set in place that... Continue Reading →

Travel Essentials | Reusable Items | Save Time and Energy

Earlier this month I travelled to Rio de Janeiro with family and friends, and thought it's well-fitting to share some of my absolute travel essentials on here. I think I was born with the travel bug - seeing that I was only 2 months old when I took my very first flight across the world.... Continue Reading →

DIY Lotion | All Natural | Simple Ingredients | Toxic-Free

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing a recipe to make an all purpose lotion at home with very simple & minimal ingredients. A couple weeks ago I did share a DIY recipe for body cream - made with beeswax and aloe vera - which is great for dry skin or... Continue Reading →

10 Self-Care Tips | Taking Time Out for You | Valentine’s Special

Happy Valentine's Day! Although every day should be about love, sharing, giving, and cherishing the people in our world who we care about. But in order to care for others (I have learned this more and more while growing in my adult life) it is so vital to care of yourself first. We can only... Continue Reading →

DIY Body Cream | All Natural | Non-Toxic Skincare

I'm about to make a fresh batch of body cream this week and thought to share the recipe with you all! All the ingredients are natural and toxic free, which means there's no harsh chemicals entering your skin. The added benefit of making your own moisturizer at home with such simple ingredients is that it... Continue Reading →

10 Simple Sustainable Swaps for 2019

It's the last day of January 2019... how are those resolutions coming along? For my New Year's resolutions, I decided to take my sustainable living to the next level by developing some of the changes I already made in 2018, incorporating new ones, and sharing my journey on this platform so that it can benefit... Continue Reading →

Living an Ethically-Sourced Life (Anti-Slavery)

This is a second part of modern slavery posts, where advice and tips are given on what you can do everyday to live an ethically-sourced life.

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