I started experimenting with creative writing throughout my teen years and shockingly – or not so shockingly, if you have known me for a long time – I actually started writing rap lyrics first, when I was about 14 years old. After getting the hang of rap, I was introduced to the art of spoken word, which had immensely drawn me in. I remember going to my first spoken word performance when I was 15 by the Toronto artist Dwayne Morgan. For me there was a strong similarity between spoken word and rap because they revolved (or at least the original intent of both art forms was to revolve…) around topics of in/justice and raw storytelling (which can still be seen alive today, but not so much in the mainstream world). I loved the way spoken word used words creatively to form a rhythm that was so distinct, even from rap, and from traditional poetry. Thus, I began writing spoken word style poems from then on.

Creative writing has always been an outlet for me. It’s a way to explicitly and at the same time creatively speak about issues that bother or disturb me. It’s also an outlet for my personal emotions that cannot be expressed in any other way. I’ve found creative writing to be an instrument to create positivity and awareness, sometimes, depending on the content, even bring one to a higher awareness. I’ve also been lucky enough to have some of my work published/awarded in national and international contests/books. I hope that you enjoy reading these poems as much as I enjoy writing them, and perhaps you can allow yourself to be immersed into a different perspective. Peace & Love ~

Click below to read:

My Heart’s Desire   Written in 2008

Dignity   Written in 2009

S.O.C.I.E.T.Y.  Written in 2009

Mistakes Happen   Written in 2009

Inspire Me  Written in 2012

‘Maula’ – Friend of Faith   Written in 2014

‘Ayat’   Written in 2015

Ode to the Reality We Witness   Written in 2015

On Love  by Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet (1923)

Dance of Epiphany   Written in 2016

Yoga  Written in 2017

Purity Within  Written in 2017

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