Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen, that's apart of life It's when we acknowledge it that makes the difference And learn from it as if it were nutrition We can't let it be the reason we fall We need to stand tall and take back the ball That was originally in our court Mistakes should be seen as our... Continue Reading →

Dance of Epiphany

Somewhere in the midst of who I am I found who I was And when I looked closely All I could see was You and Your Light Without any words exchanged I understood completely the journey of my life A soft feeling took over An embrace of composure And a contentment that I could not... Continue Reading →


Dignity means serenity within the mind Dignity is self-respect and humbleness combined It is the awareness of being complete and whole Or so as it is told, it is the bind of the soul That cannot be sold because of its weight It's innate, and more important than all material goods It should be preserved... Continue Reading →

‘Maula’ – Friend of Faith

How can anything be any different than what it’s supposed to be? How can two bodies separate one love that has always been one? Not possible All these mental restrictions of how it should be make the arbitrary even more illogical How can I ever be alone? When every single second of my life has... Continue Reading →

Ode to the Reality We Witness

Poem written to this soundtrack: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/tomorrow  The subtlety of my existence Rests in the Reality of Your presence, In the Reality You witness Separate from this world's illness My mind is no longer fascinated with that business No longer attempting to exercise the artificial fitness While pleasing those who could care less about the reasons... Continue Reading →


Poem written to this soundtrack: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/better-days. Starts at 00:08. How was I to know That You had never left me alone The silent presence of Your being Has guided me through everything For every tear drop Came from Your ocean of love Every time I fought You were the quiet storm giving me comfort I had... Continue Reading →

They taught me to be thankful But are they thankful themselves? Wasting money on things that are not needed, they only think about their self Avoiding the reality of life as if it were not to exist Children dying of hunger while we’re checking off our wish list They taught me my manners, how to... Continue Reading →

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