Space to Seek: New Series, First Post

Space to Seek is a new series to Hayat Soulful! It is basically a space to let out my random rants that are not as structured as the main blog posts. It's an outlet for expressing personal thoughts and/or debates on human nature in an informal manner. This series will be very broad, ranging in its... Continue Reading →


Breaking Down the American Dream

So we've all heard of The American Dream... perhaps it's one of the reasons why you or your family might have moved to North America (yes, Canada can be included in the concept of the American dream as well), or maybe it is the factor that motivates you to work hard and push through the many obstacles... Continue Reading →

My Heart’s Desire

I wish I could be the wind and fly with the birds I’ll have no physical form or entity If only my identity could not be shown but definitely known by all Crawl, fall, and stand tall won’t be the cycle of my life There won’t be a need of having to shine bright I’ll... Continue Reading →

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