Slavery: Not In The Past

Myth: slavery ended in the 19th/20th century. Fact: slavery still exists today and it's 3 times larger than ever before.


Commitment to Conscious Consumerism

Hey there, welcome back! It's been awhile since I've written something like this even though I have been posting more poems lately, but I'm back on it now and have a whole range of posts coming up on various topics of social awareness. For those who are used to my poetry posts, hope you might... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down the American Dream

So we've all heard of The American Dream... perhaps it's one of the reasons why you or your family might have moved to North America (yes, Canada can be included in the concept of the American dream as well), or maybe it is the factor that motivates you to work hard and push through the many obstacles... Continue Reading →

Ethical Eating: I’m Interested, Now What?

From my previous blog post, Ethical Eating: What's the Big Deal? that discusses factory farming and the harsh environment in which animals are raised, many people have been asking me about alternatives to such meat and how they can incorporate this in their diet. The main concern I think from all the feedback I've been getting is the cost.... Continue Reading →

They taught me to be thankful But are they thankful themselves? Wasting money on things that are not needed, they only think about their self Avoiding the reality of life as if it were not to exist Children dying of hunger while we’re checking off our wish list They taught me my manners, how to... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Concepts of Collective Efficacy & Collective Disadvantage

Hey folks, welcome back! So I guess in my last blog I should have added a sixth reason for why I've decided to start blogging, which is this: Being a student of Criminology and Anthropology for 5 years during the journey of my H.BA, I have developed a keen passion for social and cultural issues.... Continue Reading →

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